Exploratory Essay

Excellent Exploratory Essay Structure

There are essays of different types, and each of them has its specific characteristics. An exploratory essay stands apart from all other kinds of essays, including argumentative ones. It has its own distinctive features that can make some difficulties for the students. This type of essay is not supposed to persuade the audience or convince them to share the opinion presented in the thesis.

The aim of this essay is to get information about a specific concern or problem and make certain preliminary conclusions regarding possible solutions of that problem. There are several essential aspects of exploratory genre papers. They are, in fact, a retrospective view of the thinking and writing process of the author who is working on a paper.

There are numerous exploratory essay topics, but the most important thing is presenting the details regarding the time, manner and reasons for research completion. This writing is supposed to demonstrate how the author does the research works through the presented problem. One is supposed to be introspective in one’s thinking to ponder over the thinking process. The rough structure of the essay is the following:

  • introduction
  • body
  • conclusion
This is how you do it: You sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. it’s that easy and that hard. – Neil Gaiman

Introduction Paragraph

The effective exploratory essay examples can demonstrate how it is possible to outline the problem under research in the introduction. This part of an essay tells why the problem is important, briefly overviews the sources used during the research and inquiry, discusses the possible causes of the problem, presents the people and institutions involved and suggests several solutions as options.

Body Paragraphs

The body of an exploratory paper presents the discussion of the research and inquiry process in the following obligatory aspects:

  • Source introduction to mention the title, name of the author, media type, publication date, publisher and other details. It also contains the information regarding the reasons why this source was chosen for the research.
  • Essential information in the source related to the chosen problem.
  • The reasons why the information is relevant and important.
  • Personal analysis and introspection on the value of the source for you. You can tell how you changed your attitude to the problem, found some new direction in your research, met the expectations or chose the next source with the help of this one.

Conclusion Paragraphs

The effective conclusion of exploratory papers is supposed to restate the explored problem, analyze the possible causes, review the involved people and institutions, and give an outline of the potential solutions.

An exploratory essay is a special kind of papers that may cause a lot of questions. In case you have some, we are ready to take part in the discussion. Ask questions to see which aspects of writing exploratory kind of essays are still vague for you and get the information regarding the sources of the answers and alternative types of research you may do.

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