Have you ever imagined yourself yelling “Action” on a movie set? Can you consider yourself a leader with innate artistic traits? If you have pondered over these issues, then a career of a movie director might be a perfect match for you. There are numerous opportunities for international students to seize when it comes to choosing the career of a movie director.

Tips to Become a Movie Director

In fact, no one can give you proper advice on how to become a movie director. No formal education is needed to be an expert in this profession; however, proper qualifications may be of some help. You may benefit from attending a relevant movie school at your college or university. Building relations may be helpful, as a lot of specialists are still working in the industry, and pulling the right strings you can enter the profession easily. If you are acquainted with some of the influential professors, you should not miss your chance and ask them to submit your screenplay or your student movie to some of their friends in the industry. One more advantage of your attending a movie school is learning business from top to bottom, which is of paramount value for those who want to devote their life to the movie industry.

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If you have made up your mind to become a movie director, it would be reasonable to choose a college or a university in New York or Los Angeles. Finding an entry-level job or applying for an internship program in production will give you a fresh career start and provide you with valuable experience. Recent graduates can start their career path in the chosen field as assistant directors. This entry level position offers promotion possibilities from a second assistant director to a first director’s assistant along with a great deal of gained experience. The Directors Guild located in New York City offers a training program guiding you to enter the profession as a second assistant director. However, you can apply for this program only if you have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree. To get into the shortlist you should stand out from other skilled candidates, but if have succeeded, you will take advantage of a 2-year program adding 350 days to your cherished work experience. In case you do not have resources to rely on while living in Los Angeles or New York City, you shouldn’t get discouraged. It is not a problem to find a movie school offering the major you are looking for around the USA. For instance, Florida State University would be a good choice for your future career in movie making. What is more, you can easily find local production companies in the city where your college or university is located and get necessary experience as an intern.

Movie Director’s Job Description and Duties

When choosing a career of a movie director, bear in mind that you will be in charge of numerous tasks. You will be often encouraged by producers to make the movie they believe to become a success. In the course of the pre-production stage, you will have to deal with writers and producers and discuss with them essential matters concerning the movie vision and setting, the members of crew and movie cast, analyze the storyline and revise the script. However, you will perform the key role during the production stage. You will guide the cameraman on how to make the perfect shots, advise the actors on their performance and perform the leader’s role on the movie set. It is also the director’s responsibility to decide on the scenes which need reshooting.

Working Hours and Salary Issues

If you have chosen such a career path, you should be aware of its challenges. Firstly, you should be ready to work irregular hours. You may work long hours without a rest for some months when working on a movie and then have a long break without work. You should always actively look for other productions not to be out of work. {t_essay_1} As for directors’ salaries, figures show that their average annual pay in the USA amounted to $64,430 in 2008. However, this work is not regularly paid and the figures are fluctuating depending on the country or kind of production you are involved in the movie industry. As for the UK, the average salary of a movie director is roughly 35,677 euros.

Possessing a Relevant Job Outlook

When you enter into this profession, you should be aware of the fierce competition this field involves and possess relevant leadership skills. When you only start from scratch, there are numerous movie directors in the field, who have already earned reputation and recognition. However, regardless of obvious challenges, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career of a movie director is attracting more young people nowadays and is expected to grow by 11 percent in the next decade. Movie production and movie attendance is on the increase in the European Union, which shows favorable career perspectives. Moreover, Bollywood exceeds Hollywood in ticket sales and annual movie production, which also can be considered as a possible career direction. Therefore, choosing a career of a movie director might sound glamorous and bohemian in some way. However, this job is hard to master and involves paying a lot of efforts to succeed in the movie industry, no matter where you want to work, either in Hollywood, Bollywood or any other production company around the world. International students choosing such a career must be ready for challenges.

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