Deductive Essay

Deductive Reasoning as a Basis of the Essay and Daily Life

All stages of education, in particular high school, college and university study, imply assigning various kinds of essays to the students. Deductive essays are those which the students typically find very demanding and complicated. This kind of academic writing requires high level deductive reasoning and efficiency which enable the instructors to evaluate not only the students’ knowledge on a certain course or topic but also the critical thinking of the students and their ability to collect the required data from the common knowledge.

A good deductive essay uses the principle of deduction; it is a thought concept on the basis of the clues, circumstances, premises, conclusions and assumptions on the specific topic. Thus, it implies that the writer is supposed to solve the problems and puzzles associated with various concepts, sciences, or people. Efficient deductive writing should take into consideration all the available truths, facts and measures to be used while establishing a new conclusion on the basis of predictions and analysis of the available truths, facts and measures.

There are the following elements of deductive or reasoning essay:

  • the fact for establishing the new facts and making a conclusion, i.e. premise;
  • the information which the writer needs to relate the premises to the topic or situation in the essay, i.e. evidence.
  • the conclusion is based on the essay outline. It is the final analysis of the situation or the topic done after thoughtful evaluation of evidence and premises.
In high school, I won a prize for an essay on tuberculosis. When I got through writing the essay I was sure I had the disease. – Constance Baker Motley

A vivid example of the use of the mentioned three elements of the essay (premises, evidence and conclusion) is presented below to illustrate the standards of academic writing:

  • A premise: All women are mortal.
  • The evidence: Madonna is a woman.
  • Conclusion: Madonna is mortal.

People use deductive way of thinking not only when writing an essay. It is essential in daily life while doing thousands of different things. For example, looking out of the window and seeing a rainbow, it is logical for a person to deduct that the cause for the rainbow was rain. Puddles on the pavements that serve as evidence can also give them the idea of the rain. All other objects in the street, including the clouds, buildings, trees, grass, etc. also indicate that there has been some rain.

If a person does not see any of the mentioned evidence, he or she might conclude that the cause for the wetness in the street is the sprinkler system. Deductive thinking takes very little time, but it allows a person to compare the information they have with the previous experience to make a logical resolution and conclusion. Deductive reasoning is supposed to suggest the most appropriate and reasonable option. According to the law of Ocun’s razor, the most likely solution often appears to be the most correct. Thus, the options of sprinkling systems or street cleaning are less probable than rain, so they are less correct.

A well-written deductive essay is supposed to be interesting, logical and easy to comprehend. Every paragraph should focus on a single idea. The strong conclusion should be supported with the evidence in the body to prove the thesis statement in the introduction.

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