If you are an international student who decided to pursue a major in communication sciences in the US, you might face a challenge when choosing a place to study. All over the country, there are hundreds of top colleges and universities offering compelling programs in communication. If to focus on a specific geographical location, it might be much easier to make a choice. We want to help you to make use of this criterion and decide on an educational establishment to study communication. If you hope to find one right answer to a question about the best place to study communication, you will be disappointed to hear that it does not exist. It depends on many factors, namely your interests, expectations, goals you want to reach in both education and career, as well as your financial resources. In other words, there are no objective criteria to make a right choice. However, there are five principles that can assist with the final decision.

Research Job Market

A city where one studies often becomes the place where they start their career. Of course, you cannot be sure what the demand for communication professionals will be like when you graduate. However, it is still reasonable to check it on the current labor market. The trend is likely to continue. Moreover, to be employed in the communication sphere, you will have to withstand stiff competition. For this purpose, as an international student, you will need not only a degree but also relevant experience. You will be able to gain in the city of your choice only if there is a sufficient number of companies offering internship opportunities. Therefore, choose an educational establishment that is located in the city that may provide you with a chance to gain experience and further use it.

Search for Opportunities

Since core values of different schools vary, the opportunities that they offer differ as well. Here are a few leading communication universities and the opportunities they provide apart from usual internships for you to understand what to look for:

  • Boston University (Massachusetts). Students studying advertising there are able to become a part of a large team working at an advertising company, which is called AdLab. Its peculiarity is that the agency is fully run by students.
  • Stony Brook University (New Your). If one studies journalism, he/she has a chance to participate in Journalism without Walls project. These students may seize an opportunity to visit many countries around the world and report there. The participants worked in Russia, China, Cuba and many others states.
  • Felician College (New Jersey). In this college, communication students may benefit from a great set of video equipment and study the art of video making.
  • University of Alabama (Alabama). Students who specialize in public relations (PR) may take part in a number of PR-related competitions victory in which opens many doors. The most famous contests are Bateman Competition as well as PRCA Student Medallion Awards.

Feel the Atmosphere

Along with deciding about a university to study at, you should think about the city. No matter how much you like the school itself, four years of attending it may turn into hell if the city in which it is located does not match your personality. Do you like the cold or warm weather? What is your attitude to noise that is inescapable in large cities? Would you like to be closer to nature or live in the center of events? So, consider the size, climate, and type of the city carefully since your well-being, both physical and mental, may depend on these factors. Remember that this place will be your home for a quite long time, and it is extremely important to feel comfortable there. Therefore, try to go on a college tour if offered, meet people who live there, and ask questions. Then, decide whether the city can become another hometown for you.

Profit from Diversity

You should definitely consider diversity as one of the criteria when choosing a university to study at. First, it will help you as an international student not to feel like a fish out of water. If the school cherishes diversity, there will be many students from other countries as well as friendly attitude. Second, it will assist you in practicing intercultural communication, which is essential for your major. In the professional life, you will have to meet different people from all over the world and, thus, should be able to understand them, their perceptions, and traditions. Studying in a school with diverse students is a chance to gain hands-on experience for your future career.

Assess Affordability

Many students in the US do not graduate colleges and universities simply because they no longer have enough money to do it. It concerns not only the finance needed to pay the fee but also money required to afford rent as well as daily product and services, such as food or public transport. Therefore, when choosing a university, you should obligatorily take the cost of living into account. In the US, some cities are rather expensive to live in while others are affordable. Make sure to consider this factor. There is a wide range of universities and colleges that willingly offer communication programs for international students. Regardless of which one you choose, student life will be a great experience. However, try to make a wise and informed choice. Check the availability of career opportunities and internships, interesting projects to take part in and programs to study abroad. Make sure you will be able to benefit from your decision as much as possible.

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