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College Admission Essay That Works

How long have you been searching for some college admission essay tips that work? You may find here some helpful tips. I do not want to say that I am an expert in admission essay writing, but having read over 30, 000 admission essays over the past 15 years, there are some useful tips that I would like to share with students eager to create an immaculate college admissions essay. Do not take everything too literally, and merely do your best.-John Miles, Senior Director of Admissions at UC.

Strive to Uniqueness

Some of the universities ask their applicants to write about their high school experience. We have estimated that every fourth admission essay included information about students’ activities at high school. They enlisted all the classes they took and the clubs they were enrolled in. Many of them showed deep love for studies, but what they lacked was uniqueness. It is better to read about some actual experience, for example, how you motivated the whole team in the changing room during the final game, than merely stating that you were a captain of the football team. Do not forget about this when writing your college admission essay.

My feeling is, when you are writing an essay, you don’t make anything up. This may be a very Protestant notion, and I’m aware of the fact that memory is fallible, that if I had access to films or some absolute documentary evidence of what happened, it might look different; we get confused and fuzzy.
– Siri Hustvedt

Be Unique

Write what others will not. If you feel that someone else could have written the same in his essay, throw your draft away and start from the beginning. To write a unique college admission essay means that you have to incorporate a specific story of yours in detail.

Make the Reader Feel It

Just try to recollect your high school years. There were times when someone from the class had to write a story of how he had spent his summer. Everyone was eager to listen to each other. Probably you remember when someone did a better work than others did. Instead of writing a usual story about playing with others in the backyard, he came up front and without even looking into the notes he started the story. The boy did not miss a single detail of his hiking trip with dad. He described the nigh over high up in the mountains, the heavy rainfall. He told how cold it was in the tent. And at that very moment you got that very feeling of cold. By this story, he managed to make you recollect a situation when you were really cold. The same effect should be reached with your admissions essay. Make the reader feel what you felt in that situation. Make him feel something positive. Do not just tell the story, but also try to show it. Use as many details as possible and the reader will definitely never forget your story. Every strong essay is based on details rather than generalized statements. Details help admission officers understand your personality better. Write the way others would have never even tried to.

Never Use Any Online Databases

It may seem nice to use smart language in the essay, but beware of it. The reader should feel at ease when reading the essay instead of going over extravagant word choice. Students should write their college admission essays in plain English. Any admission officer would like to read the paper written with your own words and your own voice. Pay attention not only to the word choice, but also to the way you use the words. Grand phrases will always seem impressive, but they will never fit well into such type of writing. Do not be one of those who believe that the more you write, the better it is. Stick to the set word limit. Be open to experiments. Some of the best essays I have ever read were less than a hundred words long. I can still remember them. Word is a powerful tool if you use it right.

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