Classification Essay

Classification Essay Writing Tips

A classification essay is the perfect choice for those who need to organize something on the basis of a common or a single classification principle. These essays are most widely used to categorize object or things in a logical way. It is extremely comfortable to divide things into groups according to some specific features. This enables one to collect information about the objects much faster, as the category provides a direction for further search. A classification essay helps to remove any confusion when explaining a set of things. If to do the same with the things that are not organized into categories, the person will spend much more time. In universities, this assignment is used to improve students’ level of organization. Despite this, a classification essay is not a simple task. Any essay should have a theme.

Classification essay topics may vary. A lot of times, the objects are classified on the basis of common features. Using hierarchy is one of the typical ways to sort things and objects. It is critical to arrange everything into logical categories. Before starting to arrange everything, the writer has to do a profound research. Before developing the essay, one needs to clearly define the categories.

First of all, start to collect information on various things that have something in common. They should be related to your thesis. All classification essays should follow this rule. While collecting useful information, keep the set classification parameter in your mind. Sometimes classifying the objects on the basis of one common point is impossible. Then you may consider categorizing objects that vary greatly. Always research the topic well before starting to classify. There are some critical categories that must definitely be included. For example, if you are discussing a number of ways to treat cancer and fail to include chemotherapy, the research will be missing of the most crucial elements. Always try to narrow the range of categories to the minimum. The immense number of categories in a classification will surely decrease its value. Besides, it deprives your classification essay of a distinct focus.

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Follow the Set Parameters

By now you should be able to answer the question “what is a classification essay?” But you still need to learn some essential aspects of classification essay writing. Do not categorize anything baseless. It creates chucks of information that have no correlation with the rest of the essay. Always check if the organizing principles correlate to your thesis. If you choose to categorize things on the basis of a single parameter, do not let any other of them influence your choice. If you do, you will end up with some unexpected categories.

Separate Each Category

An important element in knowing how to write a classification essay is understanding the way how to properly choose the categories. Of course, the categories may seem to be equal. But each of them has a clearly defined priority. Always provide an equal number of examples for each separate category. There should always be a highlighted categorizing factor that unites the things and objects into this very category. There is a common practice to enlist the most important category at the bottom of the record.

The classification essay has many common features with a regular essay. One of them is its structure. A common classification essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction should provide the reader with the information on the classification principle. It should also highlight the categories included to let the reader follow the idea of the essay much easier.

The conclusion includes a detailed summary of the classified categories and the way it supports the thesis.

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