Cause and Effect Essay

A Well-Written Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay includes the discussion of causes and effects of a particular event, issue, situation, etc. Students will have to define the cause with the question “Why does it happen?” and the effect with “What happens because of it?” Undoubtedly, there are some topics where one can see many causes for one single effect and vice versa. For instance, a heart attack can be caused by malnutrition, sedentary life, lack of physical activity, etc. In this case, there are multiple causes/reasons of the heart attack. Before writing cause and effect essays, students should define the thesis statement that will show the future focus of the paper.

Most of students think that it is pretty challenging to differentiate between the cause and effect, which provokes the confusion in the essay structure. If you do not know how to write a cause and effect essay, you can begin from brainstorming and create a table with 2 separate columns called “cause” and “effect.” The easiest way out to generate ideas on the topic is think about a result of the issue and think about its reasons. As we have already mentioned, ask yourself “why” something happened and then “what” was the result. You should make specific statements about causes and effects, so that the reader will see that you are competent in the topic. Do not say “it is possible that…” but “overeating leads to diabetes” – meaning that you know for sure that the cause leads to a certain effect.

To me, having ‘material’ for an essay means not only having something to write about but also having something interesting and original to say about whatever that might be. – Meghan Daum

In many cause and effect essays, students are given specific instructions on how to handle the writing task. Sometimes students are asked to discuss the causes or effects only. For instance, in the most popularly explored topic of global warming, students are asked to explore effects of global warming on the future generations. However, if you were asked to discuss both causes and effects, you have to prioritize them and choose the main ones. Do not try to define as many causes and effects as possible because the reader will lose the meaning of writing in the very beginning. There should always be a clear structure and organization of ideas, which can be reached only if you discuss the key findings about the topic.

If you have to write a cause effect essay, do not forget that the key sentence of each essay is thesis statement. It should include what the essay will be about and its possible division into paragraphs. Your thesis statement should clearly show if you are going to discuss both cause and effects or some separate categories. Do not try to squeeze all your ideas in thesis statement because this sentence should entail the basic details about the topic. If you are not sure what to incorporate in thesis statement, you can write down some ideas and then cross out the ones that partially relate to the topic. A perfect cause and effect essay should demonstrate a clear approach or writing technique. All irrelevant facts must be excluded not to distort the purpose of writing.

Regardless of cause effect essay topics, you should always back up your claims with evidential support. It will make your essay strong and well-researched. For instance, if you mention that overeating causes diabetes, you should include some statistical data to prove your points. However, please remember that incorporating ideas from both electronic and printed sources must be reflected in the form of in-text citations. Even if you unintentionally forget to place an in-text citation or include the source in the reference list, your professor will blame you for plagiarism. Not to be exposed to any penalties, please be careful with citing and quoting.

If you want to make an effective cause and effect essay, you should present your ideas in a logical sequence. For example, you can discuss the most importance causes or effects in the end. In any way, the choice is up to you. Sample papers on different online writing labs can show you how to create decent essays with interesting thesis statements.

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