Choosing American History Essay Topics – 50 Great Ideas!

If your professor has left you free to choose topics for your history essay, here are fifty topic ideas you may find useful.
While, at first sight, it can seem very appealing to have sufficient freedom to choose you own history topic, it can actually be quite complicated once you start looking. Choosing a history essay topic is, of course, reasonably easy, but you will need a few good ideas if you are to obtain the best grade. Therefore, has compiled a list of great history topic ideas, which are broken down by time period. We suggest you consider choosing one of these for your history essay.

It may be that you want to write your own paper by yourself. However, if this proves too difficult and you would like a good example of a history paper, would be happy to provide you with one. You simply need to get in touch with our customer services team, tell us about what you require and/or submit an order. When you are working on your paper, we recommend you choose a general history topic or particular issue, which you should then narrow down to suit the requirements of your assignment. The topic ideas provided here are quite general and some may not suit your assignment. Hence, we recommend you choose a topic and modify it to fit your specific needs or get our writers to do this by placing an order for a sample essay.

Fifty History Essay Topic Suggestions

American History Essay Topics

  • What was the Atlantic world before it was colonized?
  • Discuss the era of colonization in the USA
  • How did puritanism impact America and its values?
  • Describe the reasons for the War of Independence and the consequences of this
  • Discuss George Washington’s role in the revolution and War of Independence
  • How did whites interact with Native Americans?
  • Discuss the Great Depression
  • Discuss the Second World War and America’s role/li>
  • Discuss the Vietnam War.

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Want an Essay on Egyptian History in Ancient Times?

  • Describe how ancient Egypt developed
  • Discuss the religion and gods of ancient Egypt
  • Describe how the Americans discovered ancient Egypt
  • Describe how the state of Ancient Egypt was organized
  • Describe ancient Egyptian society
  • Discuss how work was organized with special reference to the Middle Kingdom
  • Discuss ancient Egypt’s architecture and housing system
  • Discuss the agriculture and geography of ancient Egypt
  • Greek History in Ancient Times
  • Discuss the philosophers for which ancient Greece is famous
  • Describe art and culture in ancient Greece
  • Discuss ancient Greece’s architecture
  • Discuss the acropolis and its history
  • Describe agriculture and the economy of ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greece is renowned for its myths – discuss these
  • Discuss Athenian myths and legends
  • Discuss the religion and gods of ancient Greece.
  • Roman History in Ancient Times
  • Describe the foundation of Rome and its history
  • Discuss the Roman Empire, its conquests, and how these impacted other cultures
  • Discuss Julius Ceasar and his role in the Roman Empire
  • Describe how the army of ancient Rome was organized
  • Describe the gods and religion of ancient Rome
  • Describe how the state of ancient Rome was governed
  • Describe the main factors behind the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Middle Ages as History Essay Topic

  • Compare the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • Discuss the Middle Age in terms of its being the age of advancement
  • Describe life in the Middle Ages and likewise death in this same period
  • Discuss the economy of the Middle Ages
  • What type of literature are the Middle Ages noted for?
  • Describe the Middle Ages in terms of the Church and the Holy Inquisition
  • Describe the crusades of the Middle Ages – what was their purpose and what were the consequences?
  • The Middle Ages were renowned for its knights – describe these knights and their role.
  • The History and Development of Latin America
  • Discuss Latin America in pre-colonial times
  • Describe Latin America in the era of colonization (1521 to 1810)
  • Discuss Guatemala and the circumstances of its colonization
  • Describe the Maya and Aztec Empire
  • Describe Latin America’s historic cities
  • Discuss the US invasion of 1989
  • Discuss the Mexican-America War
  • Describe slavery in Latin America and its abolition
  • Discuss the Brazil, Haiti and Mexico and the struggle for independence in these states.

It is hoped the above topic ideas will help you in the creation of your next history essay. Given the extensive options when it comes to history subjects, the topic list above is by no means complete. If the topic you need or are interested in is not on this list, please feel free to get in touch with our customer services team to discuss ordering a custom-crafted paper on any topic you need. Our expert writers will soon produce a high-quality paper, exclusively tailored to suit your needs. is one writing service you may always rely on!

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