Fact One Should Know About an Argumentative Essay

The main goal of an argumentative essay is to stress the correctness of the writer’s views. The writer needs to argue his opinion in an effective way. All the ideas he discusses in the essay should have a solid basis and supporting evidence. When writing an argumentative essay, the writer should keep in mind the counter-arguments that the reader may present. Prepare refutations to any objections and counter-arguments beforehand. The writer needs to prepare an essay that will provide a perfect balance of pros and cons. Any effective argumentative essay should include a combination of effective arguments and refutation to possible objections.

One of the possible weaknesses of such an essay may be writer’s inability to evaluate the opinion of other people and support personal one. Do not merely throw aside other opinions on the topic. Check some first class argumentative essay examples. You will see how writers use evidence and their linguistic ability to argue in an effective way. Be careful when preparing a negation to someone’s counterargument.

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This is the possible structure for a well-written argumentative essay:

  • Introduction. Introduce the topic. Provide a thesis statement and a short discussion of the topic.
  • Body paragraphs 1-3. These paragraphs should include evidence to support writer’s point of view. There should be a discussion on the basis of evidence.
  • Body paragraph 4. Use this paragraph to introduce a counter-argument.
  • Body paragraphs 5-X Provide rebuttals 5-X. Do not base your rebuttals on personal opinion only. Use external sources and support them with quotes. Explain the choice of supporting elements and quotes.
  • Summary. Summarize all the main points. You may also include recommendations into this paragraph of an argument essay.
The drama of the essay is the way the public life intersects with my personal and private life. It's in that intersection that I find the energy of the essay.
― Richard Rodríguez

It is impossible to create a top-notch argumentative essay if one is unable to analyze information. The writer should pay as much attention to researching the cons as he does to the pros. Only then, he may be sure that he succeeded in approaching the argument from a number of angles.

Argumentative essays are much more than a mere in-class assignment. They are supposed to help the writer lead a debate in the future. In any discussion or debate, a person should be able to predict the possible reaction of the opponent and be able to refute counter-arguments as soon as they arise. In such a situation, despite various possible objections, the writer should be able to find supporting evidence that will help him convince the reader to adhere to writer’s point of view, but not to the opponent’s one.

Very few people have an inborn talent to persuade people. Therefore, the writer needs to pick a topic or a field they are good at. Also, keep in mind that some topics are not suitable for this assignment. You may resort to some examples of argumentative essays to see how it should look like.

If you are looking for the best topics for argumentative essays, choose those that have clearly established frames between opponents and supporters. Topics like abortion, death penalty and drugs legalization serve as the best examples for this. But try to avoid writing an essay on these topics, as professors have definitely read hundreds of essays on these topics. One should always consider the background of the audience.

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