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Very often freshmen contact us with the question of what annotated bibliography presumes. In brief, the writing of such assignment includes the list of sources that will be further used while completing the research project. Let us get a deeper understanding of this type of paper.

If you do not know how to write an annotated bibliography, please remember that it is a detailed version of the source information. One has to include a full name of the source (it can be also called a citation), which ends with an annotation. Basically, it is a note that goes after the citation. The key goal of such note is to evaluate, identify, explain, discuss the subject explored in the publication. Most of academic papers such as research paper, term project, book report, coursework, thesis, dissertation, etc., there is a reference list in the end. It entails all the books, journals, interviews, and many other printed and electronic sources that were the basis of research. In our case, annotated bibliography discusses the same sources from the reference list. While working on such tasks, you should focus on the main themes and topics, find the major arguments and contradictions, and present a very small summary of what the book or article is about (in 1-2 sentences only).

If you ask yourself “How to make an annotated bibliography,” you will need to focus on the evaluation of the source. Sometimes it can be called as a small review of the source. Students have to evaluate the discussion presented in the source and judge if information relates to their topic. Moreover, annotated bibliographies have to prove that this specific source is suitable for the future writing, if it is useful and relevant and whether its main points correlate with the writer’s intentions. Sometimes learners are asked to discuss all abovementioned points, but some professors can give specific instructions about the content of each annotation, which students are obliged to follow.

The Value of Annotated Bibliography Writing

Students usually perceive this writing task as useless and boring, but at the same time, almost all professors ask to complete it during the research process. This writing assignment can take a big part of the final grade. However, there are many advantages of writing annotations. According to annotated bibliography definition, each annotation should have a specific claim. If you pay proper attention to this piece of writing, it will be easier to transform your annotation into the future outline of the paper. You will clearly see which points can be discussed in the text and which should be excluded. Moreover, it will be easier to differentiate between the research that has been already done and your future contribution.

In addition, writing annotated bibliographies helps professor see that you were indeed involved in the research process and not simply copied the reference list from the sample paper on the web. Moreover, it is indeed easier to find appropriate quoting material for the paper if you previously worked on the annotation. Each annotation should discuss whether information is relevant to your research paper writing.

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