Why Logistics Is Not for Everyone

To get a decent job in any sphere is almost impossible without a thorough understanding of work-related concepts and processes, which one is able to get only though formal education. The latter requires tremendous efforts, plenty of time, and considerable expenses. In case the mentioned resources are allocated for obtaining a degree with which one can never succeed, the waste is likely to result in major depression. Therefore, there should be a match between the personality and expectations and the things a certain career can eventually offer. If you are an international student willing to work in the field of logistics, we can help you to conduct this compatibility test.

Skill and Personality Traits Requirements

Math. Careers in logistics and transportation are traditionally associated with a necessity to be good at math. Thus, people who are well versed in mathematics have higher chances to find a profitable job in the industry as compared to those who do not. It is connected with the fact that almost every process envisages collecting and analyzing data, applying statistical methods, being competent in logistics systems, having skills of working with spreadsheets as well as the ability to handle complicated planning.

Obviously, the most popular jobs in transportation, specifically logistics engineers, analysts, and inventory managers, are strongly related to math. Nevertheless, the current trends illustrate that being good at calculating is not a strict requirement anymore. Of course, there are those people who are obliged deal with equations and mathematics of distribution to keep track on market factors and use various computer systems to monitor the activity on a daily basis. However, in this industry, there are numerous employees who have nothing to do with math. They are valued for a different set of skills.

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Communication. Surprising as it is, transportation and logistics specialists are expected to have well-developed people skills. It often happens that they need to stop crunching numbers and communicate with each other for the success of a transfer. Moreover, effective communication is crucial for handling the instances of crisis. In such situations, coordination and full understanding between exporters, importers, and analysts, for example, are indispensable to detect what the problem is and implement the solutions designed. Then, a sales manager should be able to give the reasons for the changes to a client. In other words, communication is an integral part of any logistics company, but it mostly takes place not in a business-to-consumer format but rather is the interaction between the departments for the sake of problem solving.

Management. There is no a single career that does not need people with management skills. Any of those in the industry of logistics and transportation is not an exception. Inventory managers should be capable of regulating the distribution and accumulation of products. Customer consultants should be able to maintain proper rapports with clients and manage personnel working on a specific order. Customer service staff need to control cooperation between the customers and employees involved in selling. In other words, any of jobs in the industry is connected with management regardless of whether a person works with goods, storage, vehicles, or people.

International business expertise. The market in which transportation and logistics companies mostly operate are rarely confined to one country. With increasing globalization, this trend is not likely to change. Therefore, anyone willing to work in this field should know and be willing to learn about international trade, the rules and requirements of customs of different countries, related regulations and laws, and at least the basics of banking taking place at international level. Usually, such type of expertise can be gained only through work experience and actual participation in the transportation process. However, the sources of pertinent information are widely available, meaning that people who conducted some research and get acquitted with these peculiarities on their own will be much more competitive on a labor market than those who did not.

Find Your Match

Of course, a limited number of people can boast of having all of these skill and personality characteristics at the same time. Nevertheless, many still manage to find a job that in transportation. They analyze own abilities and correlate them with job descriptions, which allows spotting the match. Thus, a person who is technically savvy and capable of solving problems fast even under pressure may become an analyst. Inventory specialists, on the other hand, should be prone to organizing and managing goods but are not obliged to have perfect communication skills. So, think of who you are and what you can do. It is the best way to pick up a suitable career path.

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Compensation and Benefits

Now, you are aware of what is expected of you. It is a high time to find out what you can expect. It is a rare case when logistics companies are small. They are usually large corporations that need many employees and offer generous salaries to retain them. Therefore, compensation is quite high in this industry. Specifically, according to the research conducted by a consulting firm Mercer, Inc., the average salaries are as follow:

  • Transportation Coordinator – $35,000
  • Analyst – $40,000
  • Customer Service Manager – $51,000
  • Warehouse Operations Manager – $54,000.

In addition, compensation is frequently supplemented by health insurance, bonuses, and other perks, which implies that staff of transportation companies saves a great deal of money as many personal expenses are covered by employers.

In conclusion, even though important, such factors as high salary or a perfectly suitable for a career character are not decisive. You should select a job that would bring fulfillment, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement. If you can think of position in logistics and transportation that can grant these feelings to you, do not hesitate a single second and obtain a relevant degree.


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