What is Event Management

A career in event management sounds exciting and intriguing. Jobs and the associated responsibilities in this field are very diverse and differ significantly depending on the peculiarities of the occasion. The person who is willing to be employed in event management should be extremely flexible and capable of adjusting to the needs of other, remain cool as a cucumber under pressure, and have a talent in improvising. To determine whether a career in this sphere matches your personality, you should find out as much information as possible about the former. This short guide will prove handy in this situation.

The nature of an event predetermines the tasks and duties that an event manager have to fulfill. A wedding planner, for instance, takes care of a venue, catering company, as well as florist and photographer’s services. On the other hand, exhibition organizers are responsible for selling and marketing exhibition space, creating a stand, and, of course, techniques to attract visitors and demonstrate the display to as many people as possible. The duties of conference organizers are not limited to the occasion itself. They additionally cooperate with speakers, arrange their speeches, and take care of transportation and accommodation. In other words, as an event manager, you will have no day alike.

The schedule of event organizers is usually the same of the people in another job. These are 35 working hours a week from 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday. However, due to a forthcoming conference or wedding, for example, it might be necessary to work longer hours or even at the weekend to make sure that everything is perfect. In addition, the career in event management usually implies a considerable amount of traveling, especially if one is hired by a large company. An organizer might be asked to arrange an event or an exhibition stand in another city or country.

Why event management is not for everybody

One should have a specific set of abilities and talents to be indeed successful in organizing and meeting expectations of customers. First, it should be an easy-going and enthusiastic person with well-developed people skills. They are needed to find clients, make them interested in cooperation, establish good rapport, and eventually build a network of loyal customers. Second, event manager should be able to act under pressure and be good at problem-solving. It rarely happens that an occasion goes without a hitch. Therefore, an organizer must keep calm and make the right decision quickly. Third, organizers should have creative and innovative thinking. Event management market is competitive, and one will be able to stand out only if his/her events are nothing like those of others. Finally, only financially conscious individuals can handle this career since clients often want a lot to be done using the little money.

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Nevertheless, there are two more traits that an event manager should obligatory have. They are the ability to work in a team and be extremely attentive to details. The first skill is needed since not a single event can be organized by one person. Therefore, an organizer should be able to be a part of a team and, of course, be capable of leading it for the sake of a project success. An eye for detail is needed as small features are something that visitors, attendees, and guest usually memorize best of all. If they like them, they will surely recommend the event manager to their friends and colleagues. A tiny flower in a hair of a bride or smartly composed brochures on the conference may become the milestone for the next order.

To sum up, a career in event management is unlimited opportunities to meet new people, travel, and participate in the occasions that others do not even dare to dream of. Jobs in this field encourage creative thinking and innovative ideas, which is a guarantee that you will never get bored. Therefore, if you are a team player with an eye for details and no fear of challenges and stress, you may choose event management as your major. Not a single international student was ever disappointed making such a choice.