Tourism Management in the US

If an entrepreneur decides to invest money, he/she chooses a venture that would yield the biggest number of benefits for him/her. Education is a long-term investment. Therefore, you, as an international student, should select only the best university in order to profit from the time, money, and efforts spent. In case you are willing to major in tourism management, the investment should be made in studying in the US. Not only this country has a wide choice of universities and colleges that offer a corresponding degree but also is one on the most frequently visited destination in the world.

Educational establishments

American educational establishments offer those students who are interested in studying tourism management a variety of options. They can enroll in a community college, apply to a university, complete a training or a certificate program, and even take a course online. The programs are designed in a way to allow students acquire the skills and abilities to perform their duties effectively in the future. In other words, theoretical materials are always supported with a possibility to apply them in practice. Besides, they provide an opportunity to gain experience while studying through numerous internships available. As a rule, students are required to work one or two semesters within the industry. Employers value the knowledge gained this way, which gives you an advantage over other candidates in the process of job-hunting. Another perk of studying tourism management in the US is that international students can benefit from own diverse background. Ability to communicate with people of different origins and fluency in few languages are the foundation of tourism. Students from abroad are automatically more competitive than natives on a labor market in the field of tourism management.

The travel and tourism industry is the lifeblood of many states around the country – including Florida, California, New York and Nevada, to name a few.
~ Mark Foley

A graduate degree is a must for an international student who wants to succeed in the field. Having reached this level of education, you have a high chance to find a lucrative job in a luxurious company. However, the quality of the knowledge acquired, which predetermines your future, strongly depends on your choice of a university. The best undergraduate and graduate programs in tourism management in the US are considered to be offered by the University of Central Florida, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Iowa State University. George Washington University is one of those that have developed excellent online courses in tourism allowing students to study whenever and wherever it is the most convenient for them. Upon completing, the establishment grants a special certificate in sustainable tourism management. Of course, a certificate alone cannot help to find a decent job, but it is an asset that can effectively complement your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

International students should seize the opportunity to study tourism management now due to the growing activity and accelerated developed of tourism in the US and the world in general. They will eventually result in a considerable increase in working places within the industry. According to the data gathered by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), a number of people visiting other countries are going to grow by around 4% over the next 5 years. As a result, almost 70 million vacancies are going to be in the industry of tourism and traveling. The majority of openings are to emerge in the Middle East and Asia as the regions are about to experience the visit increases of 14% and 13% in the nearest future. The flow of tourism will also continue to grow in Africa (6%), North and South America (8%), and Europe (3%), which remains the most visited continent in the word. With this information in mind, international students can plan their future career and choose a market to focus on.

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In conclusion, the US is the best choice when it comes to studying tourism management. Students can select from a variety of colleges, universities, training programs, and online courses available. They may apply for an internship and start gaining experience along with studying. International students can benefit from the growing tourism market, which is unlikely to suffer from any economic instability, and the associated increasing number of working places. So, you should grasp the opportunity to have a perfect life by majoring in tourism management in the US.

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