Study Sociology in the US

The field of sociology studies human behavior and focuses on the ways in which people interact on individual and group levels. International students willing to enroll and study sociology in the United State will have an opportunity to acquire analytical and empirical skills that will be useful in various careers. Furthermore, undergraduate studies in sociology are considered to be good basis for pursuing a graduate degree in the field or take up even law studies.

Reasons to Study Sociology in the United States

There are numerous reasons for international students to study sociology in the US. First reason is global perspective that students learn. Sociology is about analyzing groups, societies and cultures through the prism of history. International students studying sociology in the United States have an advantage of studying cultures and the field in general from the international perspective. Furthermore, they are indulged with an opportunity to exchange their thoughts with other international and local students that enables them to account for other perspectives.

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Second reason to study sociology in the US is an opportunity to learn both quantitative and qualitative research methods that will enable students to conduct research, conversational, statistical, and content analysis and deliver the results in a comprehensive manner. These skills are essential for the type of jobs that require market research, sales, opinion polling and analysis. In addition, these skills will serve a solid ground for pursuing academic studies further.

Last in this short list but not the least reason to study sociology is an opportunity to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. When enrolled in an undergraduate program in sociology, students are required to analyze, evaluate, and reflect on various theoretical views and perspectives. Furthermore, students will need to communicate their thoughts through essays, presentations, and speeches. In the end, when studying sociology in the United States student develop their skills and abilities to communicate complex ideas both in written and oral forms.

What is Sociology About?

Sociology as a field studies the ways in which people interact on individual and group levels. The types of interactions vary greatly. Thus, international students might study situational analysis and interactions on governmental or business level to find out how their structures and decisions impact individuals in their respective communities. Another example of what students may study is families. In this regard, students might have to analyze perspectives on marriage, childbearing, and divorce that are present in different cultures and how they developed throughout the history. Another focal point of sociology is inequality in all its aspects, including gender, race, religion, social status, etc. The mentioned above are just a few of the topics that students might face when studying sociology in the United States.

Yet, sociology is not only about narrow topics. Other areas of sociology include international studies, interaction between the law ad society, science and technology, and even sociology of cultures. You may choose to study interactions and issues in a wide range of topics or concentrate on one specific area. This choice will majorly depend on the school and the department of sociology that you choose to study the program. Consequently, namely due to varying concentrations and course structure across the schools, international students who want to study sociology in the US need to do a careful research of programs offered at different universities to choose the one they want.

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What Careers Can be Pursued with a Degree in Sociology?

An undergraduate degree in sociology provides international students with a wide range of possible careers. A BA in Sociology provides students with solid basis to pursue further studies in the field. Yet, it is not limited just to sociology since the field is viewed in close relationship with psychology, history, economics, law, and political science. Consequently, careers and further academic education in these areas can be pursued further as well. No matter what path international students choose after completing undergraduate program in sociology, they will be well equipped with such essential skills as effective communication and critical thinking.

Graduate or undergraduate degree in sociology provides a great number of career opportunities with a broad range of professions in such spheres as criminal justice, government sector, policy analysis, social services, child-care services, mental health services, education, market and consumer research, advertising, human resource management, and leadership training.

The reasons to study sociology in the US are countless. Yet, the major reason is the ability and opportunity to acquire and master communication, research, critical thinking, and analytical skills that will help international students proceed further in a professional or academic career with no pressure and significant obstacles.


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