Study Agriculture in the US

Agriculture is considered to be one of the most ancient types of farming. With time, this activity has been greatly developed. The given sphere is of utmost importance in the contemporary world, as it helps solve such problems as hunger, some health issues, growing population and their needs for increased number of food, etc.

If you are one of those people who want to make things change; if you are one of those people who are interested in the way the food is produced; if you want to help solve the world’s most urgent problems or if you simply want to know what it takes to put products on the shelves of some supermarket, than you will definitely want to improve your knowledge in the sphere of agriculture.

Do not miss your chance to study agriculture in the US. How can you do it? Read the article below to find out more.

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Study Agriculture in the US

“What difference I make, if I study agriculture in the US?”- You may ask. The answer is easy. The US has been a leader in the agriculture science for many years. In addition, it serves as a role model for many countries as a state that makes constant efforts in fighting global challenges related to hunger and other issues connected to the sphere of agriculture. Moreover, the specialists in the US use the innovative technology and equipment to reach better results in agriculture. As a result, students who will study agriculture in the US will have a possibility to get valuable experience by communication with professionals and deadline with the latest upgrades in the industry. Such experience is especially important for those students who come from countries facing hunger problems, as the experience gained during the study can bring positive results to their communities. At the same time, some of them can find jobs in the USA due to the shortage of the well-trained specialists in the given field.

What Degree in Agriculture Can I Get?

Study of agriculture includes study of different aspects, such as animals, soils, plants, nutrition issues, etc. The students will have a possibility to choose among over 30 majors depending on their preferences and career goals. In addition, international students will get a great possibility to obtain different degrees, including Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. Some of the undergraduate majors include agricultural economics, crop science, food science, animal science, horticulture, sustainable agriculture, agricultural business, soil science, farm and ranch management, agricultural economics, agronomy, equestrian studies, etc. In addition, you may even combine different fields of interest in one major. For example, if you are interested in football, you may start attending classes on soils improvement for football fields. Does it sound attractive? If yes, agriculture is the field you should study about more.

Qualities Required for Higher Qualification

People who are interested in working in the agriculture sphere should possess moderate skills in such fields as interpersonal relations, communication, leadership, as well as deep knowledge in mathematics and mechanical technology and sciences. Consequently, it is recommended for a person who is going to study agriculture to take the following courses:

  • Classes in lab sciences, including chemistry, biology, as well as advanced biology (for high/secondary school);
  • Classes in foreign language (from two to three years);
  • Classes in language arts (for approximately four years);
  • Four years of classes in math, which include calculus and pre-calculus.

In additional, some colleges may require from a student to take the following classes, which can be useful for further studying:

Biology, Accounting, Chemistry, Agriculture and Environmental Ethics, Soil Science, Genetics, Nutrition, Livestock Management.

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How a Degree in Agriculture Can Be Useful for Me?

A degree in agriculture opens a wide range of possibilities for a student. Having a degree in agriculture, one can become a manager of a farm. The other jobs a person can obtain include scientist, crop production technician, animal breeder, consultant, a technician, a farmer, soil conservationist, health and regulatory inspector, and many others. Nevertheless, the students who would like to connect their lives with this sphere should understand that most of the professions demand working outside, which can be challenging and difficult physically.

What Colleges to Choose

Land-grant universities are among the preferred colleges for students who want to study agriculture in the US. These types of universities combine teaching, research and outreach as essential parts of agricultural education.

Those international students who want to apply for programs in agriculture in the USA will find that there are many universities offering corresponding programs. The most important thing for a student is to consider his/her future plans in order to develop a curriculum that will help meet the requirements to the greater extent, as well as to develop skills necessary for a future career. It is clear that a farmer will need a set of skills. So, start planning your career now and go forth to reach your dreams!