Is Marketing a Right Choice?

Sometimes, it is very difficult to make a choice. People hesitate whether to drink tea or coffee, buy those awesome but expensive shoes or not, order something Chinese or a pizza. Since the doubts arise even when it comes to deciding regarding the simplest things, it is understandable that a person may freak out choosing the major to pursue. Fortunately, we can help handle the process and determine whether marketing is your cup of tea.

If you are an international student considering marketing as an option for your major, you are probably on the right way. Marketing is an exciting and extremely dynamic sphere to build a career in. With this specialization, you are likely to receive high salary and be always in demand on the labor market. However, since you are about to tie your life with it for a pretty long time, you should ask yourself several questions to eliminate all the second thoughts.

Why Should I Study Marketing?

There are several reasons why a degree in marketing is exactly what you need. First, the positions for marketing specialists are present is most companies. It means that you will not have difficulty with finding an internship and eventually a job. Second, the knowledge received while studying marketing allows switching between the industries. You may work in a different field, for instance, advertising or business management, even without degrees in them. You will know all the concepts and necessary techniques to handle working in another sphere. Finally, with competence in marketing, it will be easy for you to run own business. You will understand the importance of strong rapports with clients and have skills to satisfy their needs with profit for yourself.

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Is Marketing Right for Me?

Of course, not everyone can work in marketing. It is necessary to have a certain set of character traits and personality type in order to manage with stiff competition and reach success in this industry. Here is a list of features and skills that will be definitely helpful. So, a marketing expert should:

  • Be a team player
  • Plan but be ready to improvise if necessary
  • Be meticulous
  • Be able to both follow and lead others
  • Be creative and open to innovations
  • Keep up with the newest trends
  • Possess good communication skills.

Surely, this list is not exhaustive and can include more and more qualities. However, it allows to get the idea and attempt to assess oneself. Even if you do not have a couple of features from the list but combine the rest, do not abandon the intention to pursue a degree in marketing.

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Is It a Good Career for Me?

Of course, the potential employment should be used a criterion when choosing a major. Marketing will fully meet your expectations in this regard. The positions for people with qualification in this field are available in all major companies since not a single product or service can be sold without an effectively functioning marketing department. It means that an international student is not likely to face a difficulty searching for a job. The main benefit of such degree is that you receive a quite broad range of knowledge that ban be applied in any business setting. So, being not limited to one industry or type of companies, marketing graduates can work for whoever they want, for example, celebrity, designer, food chain, car or clothes manufacturer, etc. Marketing is countless opportunities for your career.

Will I Enjoy Career in Marketing?

The question of satisfaction from a job completely depend on you and your ability to take it from what you are doing. With a right attitude, you, just as numerous employees working in marketing departments, will be able to really enjoy your basic responsibilities, namely budgeting, collecting and analyzing data, as well as developing marketing strategies for a product or a service among others. However, if you think that fulfilling such duties will get boring one day, have no worries on that account. Being dynamic and offering much room for creativity and imagination, marketing will never let you down. Marketing specialists working with Nike will confirm that it is an absolute truth.

Before the Summer Olympics of 2012, Nike lost a tough competition for being an official sportswear sponsor to Adidas, its main rival. Obviously, such an event did not contribute well to the sales and deprived the company of multiple benefits associated with the role. Nevertheless, Nike launched a creative and inspiring marketing campaign called “Find Your Greatness” to make up for the untimely defeat and greatly profited from it. Shifting the focus from the professional athletes to usual morning joggers, high school basketball players, amateur cyclists, etc., Nike spurred at least 4 millions of people, who watched the video on YouTube, to go in for sports, share the advertisement, and, of course, buy the products. Basically, Nike’s marketing team found the greatness in simple things, encouraged lots of people to identify themselves with the company, and ensured as great exposure of the brand as Adidas received with the help of the Olympics. If you still have doubt regarding the major in marketing, well… don’t. You will not be disappointed.

To finally make up your mind regarding degree in marketing, just consider its advantages and disadvantages. Exciting duties, high salary, numerous job opportunities, possibility to work in any company and any industry will definitely outweigh the negatives. Once international students start studying this subject in the United States, they step on the path that leads to the better future. With a marketing degree, impossible is nothing.

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