Is Gaming Industry a Right Career Choice?

The most fulfilling and satisfying job is a profitable hobby or passion

Luckily, for a great number of gamers, their love for video games and virtual reality can also become a source of income. The industry of video games development is rapidly growing, which means that multiple job openings are about to emerge in future. Find out what the common careers in this industry, as well as associated salaries, are and eventually decide whether it is suitable for you.

There are numerous reasons for video games development being a great choice for a career. First, with the fast-advancing technologies, the industry is unlikely to experience any downfalls, which offers awesome career prospects. Second, the working environment is attractive. Video games companies do not belong to the category of those that would restrict employees by imposing an inflexible schedule or strict dress code. Instead, they cherish individualism, creativity, and originality. Finally, teams of game developers are the group of alike-minded people with the same interest, which turns workplace into a home.

Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing – we just have a gut assumption based on the games that we can play.  ~ Cliff Bleszinski

Of course, there some peculiarities that might make working in gaming industry a bit complicated. Primarily, an international student should remember that each game is a massive project that can be successfully created only through the division of labor and the ability of team members to cooperate. In this process, everyone has a distinct role that he/she should follow but not forget that whatever he/she makes should be compatible with the things other people do. Furthermore, game development requires much more than just love for gaming. A person interested in working in this field should have expertise in different areas. For example, it is necessary to be well versed in programing, graphic design, math, production, and software engineering. Obviously, it will be necessary to multitask, switch between projects, follow the lead of a colleague, and be capable of leading.

Here is a non-exhaustive but quite extensive list of available careers in the field of video games development as well as the average annual salaries offered in these positions in the United States:

Audio engineer $60-65,000
Creative director $45-50,000
Executive producer $80-85,000
Game animator $40-47,000
Game artist $40-45,000
Game programmer $50-55,000
Game software developer $55-60,000
Lead designer $75-80,000
Lead programmer $65-70,000
Lead quality assurance $40-45,000
Quality assurance $30-35,000
Senior developer $85-90,000
Senior programmer $85-90,000
Senior software engineer $85-90,000
Software engineer $65-70,000
Technical director $55-60,000
Video game designer $50-55,000
Video game producer $70-75,000

Apart from generous compensation, which is likely to become even higher due to the rise of the industry in the nearest future, a career in this field is a guarantee of satisfaction and sense of achievement. An international student with a degree in game developing is about to work in a team of people who are on the same wavelength and have the same goal – to create a game that millions of people will like. Besides, such jobs stimulate and encourage creativity, which is exactly what is needed for young people who are yet to disclose own potential. It is not surprising that this sphere is becoming the most popular choice of international students coming to study in the United States.

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To sum up, if you are an international student seeking a career which would allow to earn a considerable amount of money and assist in improving own skills and abilities in a creative sphere, you should consider video games development as a viable option. Any career in this field offers generous compensation and such benefits as friendly and not stringent working environment and the feeling of being part of a team, which consists of soulmates only. Finally, a number of working places in this field is only growing, and this tendency is not likely to change. Video games development seems to be a choice with no downsides and, thus, deserves your efforts and time.

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