Internships in Film

Internships form a very important part of professional career of every student

It is a transitional activity between university life and a professional world. In order to gain valuable experience and add some important parts to your resume, you should apply for an internship program. Internships in film offer international students a possibility to study more about films industry and work with real professionals.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for a student to move from his/her university life to a professional world, especially taking the internship program and studying film in the USA. People say that different things matter in such case. Some stress the importance of GPA, while the other say that it is experience that matters most in case you want to get a job of your dream. In any way, internships in film is what can help you succeed in your career.

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Internships give the students a possibility to gain valuable experience and obtain practical skills

Internships in film, in its turn, may become a valuable tool for learning film industry from the inside. The students will be able to learn communication with different people, including managers, customers, as well as work with professional equipment. Moreover, internship can help you establish connections with numerous specialists and even get job offers after graduation. It should be noted that some firms require internship experience from a candidate and lack of information about it in your resume can even become a reason of job denial.

It may sound tough to find good internships in film program. Still, it is not as difficult as it may seem from the first sight. The first step on your way to an internship is a research. Look for information about the company that is interesting to you on the Internet. If the operations of the company match your personal career goals, check whether it offers some film internship. Such information is usually provided in the job section on the website of the company.

If such information is missing on the website, you can go an extra mile by sending a letter to the company with your intention to take part in some internship program or simply make a call. It will not only help you reach your goal but will also demonstrate some features of your character.

Some of the companies that offer internships in film include:

  • Lucas Film.

It is one of the most popular and successful film producers in the world. The movies created by the studio include such blockbusters as Indiana Jones and Star Wars. It is a good opportunity for students to get valuable experience, as the website of the company contains much information on internship possibilities for students.

  • Mickey Mouse.

This Disney Program is available for part-time and full-time university students.

  • Fox, NBC and ABC.

For those interested in news, the three given companies open great opportunities. They all have internship programs that open the students their doors into the world of camera work, producing, broadcasting and journalism.

  • Film festivals.

It may sound unusual but many popular film festivals also offer internships. Some of such festivals include the Austin Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival to name just a few. In addition, a film school you are studying in can also organize its own film festival. Taking parts in such event can also provide you with a great experience.

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Internships in these companies can be a challenging task, as most of them are very competitive. It is always worthwhile trying, even if it is a large film studio. Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to take part in creating one or a couple of student films, which will be a great addition to your resume. Moreover, it can help you increase you competitiveness next time you apply for an internship.

One more step on your way to the internship in a big company is to look for small production companies somewhere nearby. You can start by working there creating some advertisements and obtaining valuable experience.

If you are one of those students who want to learn more than you are given in a classroom, internship is exactly for you!


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