How to Obtain Graphic Design Degree in the United States

Nowadays, there is no a single aspect of our life that would not be accompanied by graphic design. We can see it in newspapers and magazines, on billboards and book covers. It is on the packaging of your favorite chips and all websites you visit. It is everywhere with an aim to convey an idea to a specific audience. It is the means to sell, promote, raise awareness, warn, and even teach. If you want to have a superpower, you should choose graphic design as your major. We can help find out where and how to do it in the US.

Who Can Be a Graphic Designer

First of all, those willing to be a graphic designer should think whether they can actually be one. This profession requires certain qualities and skills, without which it might be quite difficult to move forward this career path. Some of these features are:

Creativity. A graphic designer should be original as well as possess uncommon vision. You will have to communicate a given idea to a certain audience. It should creatively stand out of other pieces of omnipresent graphic design. It is the only way to make sure the message will be noticed.

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Listening Skills. In the working process, you will be obliged to communicate with clients telling you their ideas, concepts, which you will have to bring to life. You must be a good listener to understand their desires to be able to embody them.

Drawing/Sketching Skills. Surely, there is no need to draw every piece of design on paper. Nevertheless, the ability is still highly relevant. Without the skill, you will not be able to draw a quick sketch to show it to a customer.

Knowledge of the History of Art. Visual art is a protoform of modern graphic design. To know where it all started and what methods were used to illustrate an idea and convey a message is an important asset to have to be competitive in this sphere.

Where to Graphic Design Can be studied in the US

If you still feel like graphic design is what you are capable of doing, you should definitely study it. There is a number of possibilities for international students to do it in the US. Pursuing a degree, you will have to attend some classes that are required to graduate college, for instance, psychology, foreign language, history, or English. However, the program will be mainly based on studying the peculiarities of design. The courses to expect are art history, typography, color theory, design theory, and classes aimed at developing skills of using different design software.

A top three renowned design schools are:

  • Carnegie Mellon University. Students may choose between the programs of design for communication, i.e., conveying messages, and design for industries, i.e., developing packaging and logos, for instance, for services, and goods.
  • Full Sail University. They offer online and campus degree programs that are totally built on a practical project-based approach.
  • Rhode Island Design School. The establishment is famous for focusing on typography and having classes with few people.

What are Possible Degrees

You should know that people working as graphic designers in the US are not required to have a license. However, an employer willing to hire a professional in this sphere usually prefers someone possessing a bachelor’s degree. Thankfully, there is a wide range of universities in the US offering programs for international students. What you can obtain is as follows:

Type Degree  Description
Certificate A non-degree program A program implies training on the principles of design. It lasts for a few month but not more than a year. Such programs are affiliated with an education establishment.
Degree of an Associate Associate of Arts/Fine Arts/Science in Graphic Design A degree program that lasts for two years at a university or college.
Degree of a Bachelor Bachelor Associate of Arts/Fine Arts/Science in Graphic Design A degree program that lasts for four years at a university or college.
Degree of a Master Master in Graphic Design (Fine Arts) The program is a supplementary one, two or three years of studying at a university or college after a bachelor’s degree was gained.

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Is School Accreditation Necessary

When choosing a program, you should not be bothered about school being accredited or not. It is optional for this kind of programs. Moreover, you should not consider the absence or the presence of accreditation as a criterion when deciding between universities or colleges. There is a number of excellent programs to study graphic design that provide exceptional knowledge and experience but have no accreditation. Therefore, when selecting a school, rely fully on own interests and desires instead of some formalities.

Where to Find out More about Graphic Design

To learn more about graphic design programs, visit websites of a specific university and read description. However, you should mind that the degree that you are looking for may be titled not the way you expect it. You may come across various design degrees named, for instance, advertising design, communication arts, visual design, and communications design. Therefore, always read the descriptions.

The choice to study graphic design will definitely be the best decision of your life. Of course, some might think that creating a picture and catchy phrase does not require much skills and knowledge. However, it is not the truth. Graphic design is an art that perfectly combines creativity and business.