How to Decide Where to Study Mathematics?

International students wishing to study mathematics in the USA should take into account many important criteria. First of all, they should decide which region they want to live in. In particular, they need to research information on the climate conditions and whether they find them personally suitable. Second, they should check what local activities they can engage in and what facilities are available in the chosen region. Third, it is crucial to find out about the cultural representation in the region. All of these aspects can have a considerable influence on one’s studying experience.

As soon as a student has chosen a region, where he/she would like to move, it is high time to think about the educational establishment. For many overseas students, the prestige of a university is the top priority. However, it is also vital to take into account the location of the school, the vicinities, and transport. Ask yourself what extracurricular activities you might be involved into? How much time it takes to get to the school? Studying and the prestige of university is undoubtedly important, but there are far more aspects that decide whether your student life will be enjoyable. So, you might want to consider the following:

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Climate and Topological Conditions

The USA is a large country and there is a great difference in climate and topographical characteristics throughout the country and its different regions. Actually, such differences might be key aspects for some students when they are deciding where to go. Before deciding on the university, think what climate conditions do you find favorable. In the USA, there are regions with severe winters and scorching summers or mostly dry weather, while some other regions can be more humid or, on the other hand, have a mild climate. Quite a few prestigious universities are situated near oceans or mountains, so you should also make sure whether such climate will be favorable for your general well-being and good health.

There are math schools located in almost each geographical region of the USA: in sunny Florida and in cloudy Oregon. Besides, there are schools both in calmer places and such vibrant locations as New York.

Things You Would Like to Do in Your Free Time

You can find some fun things to do in every region of the United States. However, it totally depends on your interests and hobbies which of those pastimes will be interesting for you. Therefore, it is completely normal that one region will be more appealing to you than the other. The USA is situated on a large territory, so if you think that it will not be problematic to travel to some other parts of the country over the weekend, you are mistaken. The transport is expensive and besides such trips will take you much time and energy. Therefore, please consider your interests when choosing the location where to study. Keep in mind that you will be involved in far more activities rather than simply studying math.

Faculty and Cultural Representation

Very often, it is rather hard for international student who have started to study in the USA to get accustomed to the new customs and traditions. Overseas student start to contact with new peer students who come from different countries from all over the world. As a result, they find that the culture of others is different from their home culture. If you are a kind of person who finds it hard to get accustomed to new cultures or if you find it hard to accept representatives from other cultures, then you should definitely find a university with cultural representation similar to your home country. If you have chosen a big city to go to, such as Los Angeles or New York, then you will have more chances to find students whose culture is similar to yours. However, it might be hard for you in smaller cities.

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Regarding career prospects, Felician College, which is located in New Jersey, gives its students an excellent opportunity to apply for internships in New York, where they can end up at some top banking or IT corporations. International students studying math there will learn more about computation techniques, mathematical theory, computer technologies, etc. Students obtaining an internship will have a perfect opportunity to apply their learned theoretical skills in practice and try themselves working in the sphere of business, accounting, programming, etc.

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