Getting Internships in Mathematics

For international students studying mathematics in the USA, an internship is a perfect opportunity to broaden the knowledge of math and be one-step closer to the dream career. If you want to gain more practical skills in math and become a more confident worker, applying for an internship is a great option for you. So, get to know the benefits of doing an internship program while studying math at some of the US higher educational establishments.

Overseas students who demonstrate interest in obtaining math education in the US often wonder whether they will have opportunities to gain more practical skills and enrich the learning experience beyond the classroom. Some of them are also curious whether they will be able to apply math skills in other fields of studying, for example, in computer science, programming, physics, etc. So, the best option in such cases is to apply for a math internship, which can increase students’ chances to succeed after graduation.

What are the Benefits of an Internship?

There are numerous advantages for an international student in getting math internship. Most importantly, internships provide invaluable experience in the field of mathematics and so extend the education received in the classroom. Most of the acquired skills and mastery in any field come from great dedication, enthusiasm, and great effort. As a result, the more practice one acquires and the more feedbacks one gets from experts in a particular field, the more successful one will be.

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Besides, internship is a great plus for one’s resume. Your potential employers will be pleasantly surprised if they see that you have participated in some summer school or you have worked with some prominent experts in mathematics. Besides, the very fact that you have got internship indicates that you are hard-working, motivated, and interested in mathematics.

Typical Activities

Depending on the project, different internships have their own goals. Some are more oriented towards organizational work, whereas the others aim at enhancing one’s knowledge in the principles of research. As such, the latter, for instance, will be more appropriate for students who have firmly decided to become theoreticians, solve different math puzzles, and develop theorems. Such internships are more concentrated on broadening one’s knowledge of functions, operations, integrals, and other mathematical notions.

There are also internships aimed merely at advancing practical skills (e.g., applying theory into practice). For example, students might get a hands-on experience in the sphere of computer science and engineering. Apart from training mathematical skills, a student will also get skills in programming languages and software development for instance. So, if you are a kind of student who is equally interested in math and computer science, you should try applying for this kind of internship.

There are also internships in math that are connected to other interdisciplinary fields, namely business and finance, accounting, etc. Very often, there are internships in banks and accounting companies. There are perfect opportunities for international students to apply their skills into practical usage.

Who Can Qualify for Internship?

As a rule, undergraduates who demonstrate excellent highest academic achievements have the highest chances of getting internship in mathematics. However, high grades are not the only prerequisite to it. There are certain internships merely for women to encourage and motivate them in the development of personal interest in math. Such programs have an aim to establish equality in the field of mathematics among men and women as, according to the popular estimates, there is a higher percentage of men involved into the field of mathematics. Therefore, such internships are aimed to strike a balance between the opportunities offered in the area of mathematics. With the help of such programs, more and more female international students will be interested in obtaining education in mathematics in the USA.

Another option that may be offered is the internship at school. There are many overseas students who are studying math to further become a teacher in a college, high school or even elementary school. So, if you are applying for this internship program, then it is recommended for you to have experience with children.

Anyway, if you are planning to apply for an internship, then you should try to obtain full information on the type of internship that interests you most.

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Other Opportunities

Apart from math internship, there are numerous other means of how to gain valuable experience in the field of mathematics beyond the classroom. In particular, you might participate in mathematical competitions and see how well you can compete with students from the other educational establishments. Besides, there are scientific journals that publish papers in the field of mathematics written by undergraduates only. Such opportunities surely allow undergraduates build up their confidence in their strengths in mathematics.


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