Degree in Environmental Policy

Every change starts with implementation of a set of policies. It is also true for the environment and protection of the surrounding world. If you are going to obtain a degree in environmental policy, you will have a chance to take part in the process of developing and implementing policies called to protect earth. The knowledge in this field is extremely important to lessen risks connected to planet preservation.

In our daily life, we have to communicate and interact with different people, including people in a queue in a supermarket, co-workers, friends and relatives. In other words, such interactions can be called a coexistence. However, this term is not only used to describe our relationships with other people. It is also used to characterize our relationships with nature and the surrounding world. So, just imagine that you hot a person next to you. How do you think he or she will behave? Quite logical assumption is that the person will respond in the same way. The situation with nature is the same. The more we harm it, the more it will harm us. For this reason, environmental policy is an extremely important sphere.

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What Environmental Policy Actually Is

What do doctors do? They heal people. Just like the doctors, scientists deal with healing with the only difference: they heal our planet. The task of people involved in environmental policy is to protect the Earth from pollution, climate changes, and other issues that negatively influence the lives of people. International student who chose environmental policy as their major will receive a possibility to find solution to different environmental issues.

What the Point of Studying Environmental Policy?

You cannot make any changes if you do not know what to change and, most importantly, how to do it. In case of preserving planet from negative issues, the only understanding of what to do is not enough. Environment policy students will receive a powerful tool to change the planet in the form of a plan and policies. They will be able to create them, placing an emphasis on actions, advocacy and desire to make a planet a better place to live. Moreover, studying environmental policies also requires from students to get familiar with laws, research methods, and human behavior.

One of the advantages of environmental policy education is that students receive knowledge in different fields, which makes them sought-after among the employers.

What Programs Can Students Find in Environmental Policy?

The available programs give the students possibility to combine science and politics in order to be able not only to implement but also to create policy required for solving environmental problems. However, politics and science are not the only fields involved in environmental policy. The other fields include law, management, sociology and psychology, as well as energy markets, environmental law, ecological management, environmental monitoring, negotiation skills, etc.

There are many hands-on programs available in the USA. For instance, there are many environmental organizations in New York City, which deal with overcoming problems connected to the urban environment. As a result, many schools and programs offer laboratories for performing different experiments and improving experimental learning skills. For instance, The New School in New York offers the international students the following programs, as well as working will the following organizations: the International Field Program, the Chase Competition, Community Development Finance, the Tishman Environmental and Design Center, etc.

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Career Option for Students with a Degree in Environmental Policy

Considering the fact that students in environmental policy need to obtain numerous skills, the career options are also diverse for them. Some career options the students may choose include the following:

  • Environmental planner;
  • Lobbyist;
  • Biological scientist;
  • Specialist in natural resource policy and management;
  • Finance manager;
  • Ocean and coastal resource manager;
  • Business, sustainability and development specialist.

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