Career in Mathematics

Overseas students who express keen interest in mathematics will reveal one day that there are endless career opportunities lying ahead. Both practitioners and theoreticians in math will find different careers corresponding to their individual preferences. Actually, regardless of your own standards regarding career choice, there is one undeniable fact: math will surely help you achieve your goals.

What Career Can You Get if You Specialize in Math?

There exist numerous occupations for international students who are planning to study math in the United States. Graduates can apply their math skills in the workplace in numerous ways, and therefore they have many chances of moving up the career ladder. If you are searching an interesting job that is rewarding and well paid, then you have all chances of finding one.


For many people, the career of a teacher is truly rewarding, as the main principle of this occupation is to educate and mold young minds. However, keep in mind that you need far more than excellent math skills if you want to become a teacher. It is important to derive sheer enjoyment and satisfaction from working with people and helping them to broaden their horizons. The position of a math teacher is always in high demand, so if you have deep skills in math and you are eager to pass on knowledge to others, then you will find this career personally rewarding.

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If you are more interested in theory rather than practice, consider becoming a researcher. This position is perfect for those who do not like communicating with students, explaining something to them, and answering their curious questions. Besides, if you do not like to apply the learned theories in practice, a career of a researcher is also suitable. As a researcher, you get a chance to write research articles, publish them in well-known academic journals, present your materials at conferences, and, of course, enriching your knowledge and experience when getting acquainted with famous colleague researchers. If you are a kind of theorist who is not against teaching math to others, then you might as well work as a university professor.


Many positions related to the field of mathematics are not strictly divided either into theoretical or practical areas. Math skills can be applied to numerous others jobs. Among them are the following:

A.     Mathematics and Life Sciences

If you have a dilemma what to study: mathematics or biology, or mathematics or natural sciences, why not choose both? Many biological and scientific phenomena can be better studied if one applies some mathematical principles to them. Sometimes, you need to calculate something or provide some statistics. Moreover, your math skills will serve you right if you need to explain some rules and regularities.

B.     Software Engineering

If you want to learn a programming language and become an IT-specialist, you should keep in mind that you will have to apply your math knowledge, especially of higher-level mathematics. You will need to apply your skills relating to functions, theory of probability, mathematical operations, etc. International students who are interested in computer programming and boast good knowledge of math have great chances to succeed in their future career.

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C.     Theoretical Physics

Physics and mathematics have always been closely related. The advances in each of these fields of knowledge have always been interdependent. Therefore, if you plan to obtain a career in physics, you might well be likely to apply your math skills. As you see, solid knowledge of math will only be a big plus in your career of a physicist.

D.    Business and Finance

It goes without saying that you won’t be able to perform well in bookkeeping and accounting without the background knowledge of mathematics. So, if you would like to work in the sphere of finance, then math skills are a must. Deep knowledge of math in the modern business world is a great asset.

All in all, there are plenty of career opportunities for international students interested in studying math. No matter whether it is teaching, researching or working in the interdisciplinary field, there are numerous ways to apply your math skills.

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