Business Study in the USA

The image of high education in the US is no longer the same as it used to be. Diversity has always been one of the specific features of the country; however, currently, it is becoming the leading characteristic of college and university study. More and more students are either not citizens of the US or they are just going to get the citizenship.

What do international students look for in the US? The top priority is a wide range of unique opportunities this country provides for those who are coming to study. According to the statistics, in 2010, there were over 600,000 foreign students at American colleges and universities. This number demonstrates a considerable increase by 3 % in comparison with the number of international students the previous year. In fact, this number makes up 4 % of higher education students enrolled in various programs.

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The answer to the question why so many young people are coming to the US to get their education is in one simple word: excellence. Everybody can choose the field, discipline and educational establishment among approximately 5,000 universities in 50 states. Moreover, young people come to the US to study at the best universities in the world, which compose one-fourth part of the premium universities of the world. The students there can listen and follow the most outstanding professors in technology, science, and business. Actually, it is the field of business that attracts most of the students. It is the top field for the past ten years according to the IIE’s report, with engineering being the second most popular.

Reasons why Students Choose to Study Business in the US

The surveys and observations clearly demonstrate that the students prefer reputable universities of the US with their business colleges because they understand that those programs can prepare them well for their careers in the US and in their home countries. The overall results are influenced by a huge number of students from India and China, both of which are the fastest developing nations in the world. Rapid growth of economy ensures plenty of opportunities in employment, especially for those who got their education in the US. Education in an American college is like an investment with immediate return.

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The question regarding the reasons for studying business in the US gives only some of the hints. It is essential to note that the universities in America affect the international business world in the same way the most powerful companies do. Besides, the English language is the main means of international communication and trade. Thus, if a person gets good business education with English as a language of study, it means that his or her competitiveness in the present-day business world grows significantly. However, even those students who know English as their native language tend to choose American business colleges to have more chances to be successfully employed. Furthermore, those candidates who have profound knowledge, good quality education and fluent American English stand apart when they enter the job market in the US. Besides, they can even get a chance to meet representatives of major corporations and network with proficient business experts while studying.

Finally, longing for better future and striving for competitive advantages are the main reasons that make people choose American business higher education establishments. The US business colleges are extremely popular among international students who have ambitions and enormous desire for success. Besides, the schools with the greatest number of international students typically have the best business programs. This tendency to get the increasing number of international students in the business courses is getting more and more widespread throughout the US.


Study International Business in the United States