Best Schools for Education

The USA is home to over one hundred schools offering premiere education courses to overseas students. With such a great choice, there are some important factors to bear in mind when looking for the right school. These include size, program choices, concentrations, and cost. The best educational schools in the USA provide their students with enriching and unique opportunities to carve out a rewarding career in education.

Once you have decided to embark on an education program, you will need to look for the top schools in the USA and prepare your application. No doubt you have already put a lot of hard work into getting this far and are rightfully proud of what you have achieved. You have probably reached this stage because other people taught you, which means they believed in your abilities. This faith or belief probably helped you to achieve various goals and victories and to triumph in certain fields. Your goal now, which you are probably determined to accomplish, is to become a teacher or mentor to other people. And it will be the dedicated teachers or educators at the best educational establishments who will give you the opportunity to teach the next generations.

There is no wrong or right answer when it comes to selecting the right college. Students coming from other countries can choose any one of the USA’s 100 top schools for learning and education. The most important factor in finding the right college is knowing whether you want to become a teacher to children in early education or to students at elementary or secondary school level, or if you want to teach adults. It also helps to know what subjects you want to teach. The cost is another important factor to bear in mind i.e. whether you wish to attend a public or private college, a large, medium, or small establishment, and if a school has education programs that will be useful to you in the long-term.

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Educational Focus

While a lot depends on where you want to focus your career, some colleges will really come to the fore. For example, you may want to focus on the level (i.e. grade) of student and the subject(s) you want to teach. Those who attend Stanford University have the opportunity to concentrate on teaching business or education, or they may teach in religious-oriented schools, or focus on home schooling. Not only can those attending the College of Education at Pennsylvania State University focus on a particular area, but they can combine departments and develop a major that merges education with some other area. Then again, Michigan State University (MSU) offers the choice of over twenty majors. Some argue that MSU is among the USA’s best educational schools and, indeed, it has been ranked at first place for the quality of its elementary and secondary school teacher training. Those who study at the reputable University of Georgia (UGA) have the option to learn to teach English to those who speak other languages (referred to as TESOL) or they can specialize in other areas related to language and/or literacy or in workforce/workplace education. US News has ranked UGA in fifth and sixth place respectively for secondary and elementary school education.

Cost of Education

Students from overseas who need affordable education programs at colleges that offer good-quality teaching should find what they are searching for in a lot of the leading education schools, most of which will be public schools or universities. However, do not allow cost to close your mind to private schools or colleges since some institutions offer scholarships. For instance, it costs residents around $6,000 per semester and non-residents $8,500 to attend the University of Minnesota. Any student from overseas who is admitted here will find tuition stretches to social sciences as well as education. The University of Washington costs residents around $12,000 and non-residents around $30,000. However, the quality of education here is worth the tuition costs. Overseas students attending this university will start teaching in schools around the locality early on so they will learn about social issues. Likewise, Ohio University focuses on social problems that hinder educational progress. Tuition here costs in-state students around $10,000 and students from other states around $18,000.

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Educational Program Quality

The very best US schools and colleges for education offer exceptional programs to help students flourish and learn to become life-enhancing teachers at a time when American education is struggling considerably. Students attending Connecticut College undertake a teaching program that explores the current state of US education.  The University of Minnesota (College of Education and Human Development) draws in a lot of overseas students because diversity and multiculturalism in education is one of its areas of focus. This university offers a program called DirecTrack to Teaching, which prepares the student for their teacher’s license. Overseas students at Felician College are able to start student teaching during their first year’s training and they also get the opportunity to acquire other practical experience while studying here.

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