Becoming a Flight Instructor

Aviation is a field of opportunities. It offers a few occupations out of which you, as an international student, can make a long and glittering career. The most obvious choice is, of course, to become a commercial airline pilot. Still, statistics show that many students holding a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating decide to get a flight instructor certificate as well. Although it might seem strange at first glance, such a choice is quite right because this profession is beneficial for a number of reasons:


Working as a flight instructor, people are able to get the required experience and master own skills. To be a pilot working with a commercial airline is a dream of most people studying aviation. Nevertheless, not many can actually reach the goal since airlines demand a person to have considerable experience before he/she is even considered as a candidate. At this point, the fact that one has been employed as a flight instructor is extremely helpful as this experience may assist with persuading a hiring company of own suitability for a position.


If international students decide to get a certificate of a flight instructor, they will eventually have a chance to choose where and how to work. For some people, it might be interesting to work at an educational establishment. Those having an entrepreneurial spirit might open an own program. While the former option implies stability, the latter gives independence. Not many professions spare room for such a choice.

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The results of a survey recently conducted among flight instructors show that the most common reason why these professionals love their job is a possibility to change people’s lives by imparting knowledge. Like any teacher, a flight instructor understands how rewarding his/her job is when students’ eyes start shining once they grasped an idea. Knowing that you are able to alter person’s outlook and even influence his/her future by educating is indeed thrilling.


A flight instructor certificate is one of those that are extremely difficult to obtain. A person who dared is to go through numerous check-ups. The working process itself is not the easiest one, too. It makes the profession of a flight instructor highly challenging. People willing to link their lives with aviation definitely belong to those who do not want to be bored in the workplace. If you decide to pursue a complicated yet exciting career of a flight instructor, boredom has no chances.

High Demand

With new US legislation and the accelerated growth of airline industry, the demand for flight instructors remains high and is expected to increase. The development of aviation businesses leads to the shortage of pilots and, consequently, the increased number of working places for qualified flight instructors. Not to use such a tendency at own advantage would be a crime.


Although not a good reason to become a flight instructor when considered alone, respect from those around is quite a seductive benefit of this profession. If you are to choose this occupation, be ready to tell people looking at you with respect and fascination about what and how you do. They will treat you as a superhero or a wizard who knows everything about the magic making planes fly. So, become a flight instructor and excite the imagination of others.


Working as a flight instructor, you are to meet a large number of people. They all will be of different age, from distinctive backgrounds, or belonging to some other religion that you do. However, they will have one common feature. They all will love aviation just as you do, and you will be able to help each of them to achieve their objective to prosper in flying.

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In the past, the profession of a flight instructor was not a lucrative one. However, over the last few years, the situation has dramatically changed. With the shortage of pilots and subsequent high demand for people who can teach everything necessary, the salaries significantly rose. It allowed qualified instructors to make a decent living and, again, even launch an own grogram.

Flying Itself

If a person did not like flying, he/she would never think about a career in aviation. Therefore, opting to become a flight instructor, you choose the path of following your own passion. It is an opportunity that not many people have. You will be able to do what you love the most – to fly as a pilot – as well as teach others about how fascinating aviation is.

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