AACOMAS as a Way to Ease the Application Process

The AACOMAS, which stands for the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service, enables students to enroll into educational establishments related to osteopathic medicine. The AACOMAS will take care of your application process, but the only thing you will care about by yourself is that you will send your recommendation letters to the chosen establishments. Because of the streamlining of the process of applying, you will make sure that your application is as successful as it could ever be.

The AACOMAS grants an opportunity to the most successful students of osteopathic medicine to fill in one standard application form that could be further sent to any educational institution requested by the student. This service was devised with the sole purpose to ease the application process for academically successful students. The creation of this service took place thanks to the non-profit group, and it helps both domestic and overseas students alike.

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What to Do Before Applying?

For verification of the information needed for the application process, the ACOMAS ensures that students send ratified school transcripts to their offices. Copies of the transcripts will not be accepted, so the registrar of your college will have to send the documents to the following address:

1900 L St NW, Ste 603
Washington, DC 20036

Besides, you will have to ensure that you finished the spring semester of the junior year at school and that you have the grades for this semester in your transcript before you have sent it. If students have not got this far in their academic progress and achievements, they are not allowed to apply. Therefore, please check on all these necessary details.

Moreover, it should also be considered that any additional courses or projects that is not a part of the US sponsor program and was taken in some school outside the USA will need to be evaluated according to the US standards in order to determine its US equivalency.

Only after you have checked on all these things can you create your online account. It is vital that you provide a valid and existent email address and come up with a password to keep this information secure. As soon as you have created the account, you are now ready to start the application.

The Process of Filling in the Application Form

Please get familiarized with the following parts of the AACOMAS application:

  • Biographical Information:In this section, you will have to provide information about your citizenship, address, and required facts about the high school you are studying at.
  • Personal Information:Here you will need to provide some demographic facts about yourself as well as your legal name, and social security number.
  • Family Information:Here you will answer questions concerning the members of your family.
  • Personal Statement:The personal statement aims at convincing schools you are applying for why you want to study there and why they should choose specifically you. Here you might want to provide some information on why you are passionate about medical school, your aims, etc. The statement should be no longer than 4,500 characters.
  • Former Work Experience:If you have some prior working experience in the field of medicine or some related area, then you should definitely mention this information. This section is aimed only for related jobs; therefore, there is no use in mentioning that you have formerly worked as an accountant or something like that.
  • Extracurricular, Community, and Volunteer Service:If you have volunteered in some hospital or something related to it, please include this information. It will be only a plus to your application form.
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  • Additional Academic, Professional and Personal Profile:Questions in this section are mainly focused on getting some information from you on your medical background, academic history or even your legal background.
  • MCAT information:It is perfectly okay if you have not taken yet the MCAT, which stands for the Medical College Admissions Test, before you planned to fill out the application. However, it is a must to pass it before you apply to medical school. Therefore, do not postpone it. After you got the test results, you can send them to AACOMAS by logging into the MCAT website and selecting the AACOMAS as a recipient.

Furthermore, you should take into consideration the fact that you should send letters of recommendation along with your application form. You will have to either send them directly via email to the medical schools you apply for or via the website called Interfolio, which is affiliated with AACOMAS. Actually, Interfolio can help you to send all the other documents apart from the application.

After you have filled in the application form, you need to select schools you want to send the application to. Keep in mind that you need to pay for the applications. According to the information from the year 2012, the first applied school cost $175 and each additional one – $32.

After you have successfully completed the process of application, you should wait until the medical schools contact you and set up the date for the interview.

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