10 Careers with a Language Degree: the most Extraordinary Options

There are a lot of languages among which you may choose the one you would like to study. Having a degree in languages is very beneficial. The point is that it is very hard to find a job after graduation. Not a single student is offered a direction they should follow after receiving a diploma. However, if you hold a language degree, you will be able to make a career in the field which you have never taken into consideration before.

Certainly, the one who is fluent in at least one language can find themselves in translating, teaching, or interpreting areas. Nevertheless, below, there is a list of very interesting and unusual fields which you may start your career in if you have a language degree.

Civil Service Abroad

Being a public servant or a foreign civil, you may work for your government in another countries if not to take into account a military service. When holding such a position, you will deal with the issues connected with international relations and foreign affairs. Students who have language degrees have considerable advantages over the others. They are the first candidates to get a job abroad most likely in a country which native language is not English. Your responsibilities may vary depending on the country you are from. Thus, you may need to negotiate with foreign authorities, help establish international adoption procedures, etc.  If you want to work abroad and find out more about the traditions and culture of a certain country, this job is right for you. However, except the desire to work in another country, one has to be dedicated to the home country, i.e. the USA, and support it in every way. Your task as a foreign civil is to help the United States build strong relations with foreign countries.

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International Airline Services

If you work in the airline company that makes international flights, you will deal with passengers from different parts of the globe. It does not mean that you need to know the native language of every passenger fluently. Apparently, there will be flights from the United States to the same foreign country. Therefore, you have to know English and the language of another country at a very high level. For instance, if you work for Spanish airlines, you will need to know both English and Spanish. Thus, when flying from the US to Spain, you will encounter no difficulties in communicating with passengers. No matter whether you are a flight attendant or a pilot, you will need to use daily your native language and that of the country you will be flying to. This is a suitable job for those holding a language degree and adore travelling.

Advertising Industry

As to this area, one may promote goods and services at the international level. For example, you may work in the company that has a language department. Your duty will be to create some slogans and advertisements in a foreign language. If you have a language degree, you may undertake different kinds of activities. For instance, in the USA, there are areas with dense Spanish-speaking population. Thus, it is obvious that there are many companies involved in creating advertisements in Spanish for native Spanish speakers. This kind of career is perfect for artistic people who are able to put forward innovative ideas and attract people’s attention by creating impressive products.

Publishing and Editing Industry

Here, it goes about a job in newspapers, publishing houses, magazines, etc. The majority of companies need someone who has great proofreading and editing skills to check written texts for grammar, punctuation, style, etc. It goes about articles, press releases, newsletters, and other features. By the way, you do not even imagine how many businesses are in need of qualified employees who are fluent in two or more languages. When working in such a company, you may need to edit business letters both in English and foreign language. In addition, you may be required to edit instruction manuals for different products that can be written in different languages. Moreover, one of your responsibilities may be editing or publishing software in various languages. Publishing and editing is the area that has a direct connection with other fields. Therefore, by holding a degree in languages, you will be able to apply your skills and bring the produced texts to perfection in different organizations.

Voice-Overs and Subtitles

If you can speak and write a foreign language properly, you may find a job position in the movie, cartoons, or television industries. The one, who holds a language degree, can write subtitles and do voice-overs for cartoons, documentaries, movies, etc. The film making industry is blooming in every country. However, it goes without saying that the USA is a leader in this area. American movies are released in a large number of countries. Thus, it is essential to make voice-overs and provide subtitles so that foreigners can understand the film. If you are sure that you are good at writing and know a foreign language well, you may choose writing subtitles as your career. You will need to both make a translation and render the feelings of the film characters. At the same time, those who have excellent oral skills and good pronunciation can do voice-overs.

Organizational Management

Different events happen every day all over the globe. They unite residents from different countries. Imagine that you make a wedding where a bride and groom are from different countries. Your task is not only to make the wedding according to the customs of different cultures, but also to know the foreign language well to be able to speak with guests and the very couple properly. Note that there is always a demand for event coordinators who are fluent in more than one language. Such a person may organize parties as well as business lunches on the international level. Moreover, one may be even involved in organizing the Olympic Games.

Nursing Area

Whatever the medical situation is, the first staff members you are going to meet and deal with are the nurses. Surely, nurses are not obliged to know a foreign language. However, the nurses who excel at foreign languages and can help a doctor communicate with a patient during a regular examination or any other procedure are valuable employees. With such a nurse, not a single patient or the members of their families will feel frightened and nervous. In order to find a job in this industry, you need to find the area inhabited by people whose native language is your second foreign language. Your services will be of great use for local doctors and patients.

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If you have a degree in French and know both Spanish and Italian, you have a marvelous opportunity to occupy a position of a sommelier. You may work in any catering establishment in any country of the world. A sommelier is an expert in wine who is fully aware of all its peculiarities. Such a person knows how to store wine properly and what is the best way of selling it to customers. A sommelier usually works in a restaurant. They fulfill different duties one of which is to create wine lists. The world’s leaders in wine productions are France, Span, and Italy. Therefore, if one is able to speak any of these languages, they will easily build a fantastic career, especially when interacting with dining guests and winemakers.

Employee Dealing with Import and Export

Every day products are shipped from one country to another. However, not everyone knows the key features of this process. Import/export professionals have a lot of responsibilities. They make sure the goods are transported according to the set rules, help clients handle insurance issues, reduce their duties and taxes, and track the shipments. Since the companies involved in import/export activity are located all over the world, you have an excellent chance to use your native language and the foreign one daily while communicating with customs agents and clients.

Hotel Manager

Being a hotel manager is a superior job position as you may work either in your home country or any other you will choose. If you go abroad, you will use your second language when communicating with hotel employees and local citizens. However, you will also use your native language while speaking with visitors from your home country. In case you work in a hotel in your country, you should find the job position that deals with international guests who speak the language you have studied at your educational establishment. This is a great job position for everyone who has a language degree. You will help people accommodate in a hotel, explain how to get the nearest café or amusement park.

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