Valuable 5 Paragraph Essay Guide

Various college or high school tests include writing tasks. Students often have to produce papers on a certain topic. It sometimes causes fear and makes learners feel nervous. However, if you know how to do a 5 paragraph essay, you will be ready to write it on any subject.

Kinds of Essays

First of all, when you start writing an essay which is a part of a test you have to determine its type. It can be one of the following: analytical, compare and contrast, descriptive, argumentative, personal, opinion, etc. It will help you choose a topic for your work, write a 5 paragraph essay outline and thesis statement. Learners usually produce persuasive or literary essays while doing a standardized test. The first one is about answering questions. The second means that you will write about a read story or book. Students who write a 5 paragraph essay should know its peculiarities. It should be 500-800 words in length. It has a stable structure. Such paper includes an introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion.

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The introductory section gives readers a clear idea of what you are going to discuss. It is necessary to write it in a proper way to interest readers in the examined subject. If you want to know how to write a 5 paragraph essay introduction, take into consideration the following steps:

  • Try to express the key idea of your paper in one sentence. You may use a writing tip given in the task of a taken test.
  • Write a good thesis. If the topic is presented in a form of a question, then your thesis is an answer to it.
  • Point three supporting items for your statement.
The tagline at Westin hotels is that they strive to surprise and delight their guests. This is exactly what a college essay should do. - Kate Klise


The body of the above-mentioned essay consists of three paragraphs. They provide detailed information about the subject of your writing assignment. It is necessary to present some arguments and statistical data to fully cover the topic. Each of the three points indicated in the introduction has to be discussed in these paragraphs. Let’s consider how to do it in a right way:

  • The first sentence of each paragraph should sum up the item.
  • You have to give some facts in order to prove that the topic sentence is true.
  • It is useful to provide quotations and give some examples to show that your research is based on reliable data.

The aforementioned guidelines will help you write the body of your work appropriately. By the way, you may also use a 5 paragraph essay template to see how to create a logical structure of the paper. Determining three main points in the introduction will reduce the number of transitions between the paragraphs.


It is a summing part of your essay. Do not forget that it has to be concise and reasonable. In order to understand how to write it correctly, you are free to use a helpful 5 paragraph essay example. It is sometimes very hard to write a concluding section. The thing is that you have to show the connection between the thesis statement and body. The difficulty lies in writing it in a few sentences. Besides, make sure that you do not include any new material in the conclusion. {t_essay_1}

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