4 College Dorm Life Missteps Freshmen Should Be Careful Of

4_3. 4 Dorm Room Mistakes Every Freshman Should Avoid

Student life is unpredictable for a freshman. The first year of studies brings both positive impressions and unexpected challenges. The main change a campus newcomer goes through is facing dorm life instead of comfortable home.

What does College Dorm Life Look Like?

It’s a delusion you’ll simply enjoy the freedom of living on your own. At first, it will be more difficult than living with parents because you have to get along with roommates, sharing your space and dorm room essentials, as well as getting used to their daily routine. Thus, you must learn to be patient, strong-minded, and organized.

You’ll cope with these small challenges, especially if you follow certain rules to avoid missteps:

Take Care of the Necessities:

You should think wisely about the basic necessities you’ll need to feel comfortable in your new room. Check out specialized websites offering detailed lists of dorm room essentials, which may include clothes hangers, bed linens, laundry basket, etc. It’s important not to forget medications and such items as adhesive bandages.

Consider a Dorm Room Size:

While moving to college, you can bring your favorite teddy bear and even you coziest chair, but it doesn’t mean you should transfer the entire home room to the dorm. Find out the exact size of your college room, which is usually tiny, and then rationally pack only must-have stuff that will fit in it.

Don’t be Messy:

Even if you’re convinced that your slovenliness is a synonym to creativity, your “less creative” roommate may suffer from it. Moving to college also means growing up and becoming more self-conscious. Step into the shoes of a tidy person who faces an inexplicable mess – it’s a horrible feeling. If your space is clean, you’ll be pleased to spend time there.

Be Sociable:

You’re a freshman, yay! Wait, are you that odd newcomer, who prefers to be locked in a dorm room, diving into geeky books and not interacting with roommates? Don’t waste this precious time in your life on pretending to be a somber creature who avoids people. College can help you make lifetime friends, who will even read books together with you. The primary advice for college freshmen is to actively participate in student life. Share your opinions with others and perceive mistakes as an experience.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your personality and make you prepared for all challenges and pleasures of college, specifically, dorm life, so later you’ll say that you were the happiest freshman!