Great Definition Essay Topics List

Below are fifteen (15) great topic ideas for a definition essay. If you cannot write an essay through lack of time or for any other reasons, why not contact and we will assist you.

A definition essay is one that requires the writer to explain what a particular word or concept means. It is very similar to helping someone you know understand the meaning of a new word or concept, only that you will do it in written form. Usually, it is extremely easy to come up with a topic for this type of essay. You just need to choose some word or concept and attempt explaining it in essay form.

When you are trying to explain or define a particular concept, it is worth remembering that it is much easier to explain real or concrete concepts than it is to explain harder abstract ones. The following are some definition essay topic ideas you can use for practice purposes.


List of Suggested Topics for a Definition Essay

  • What is meant by the term ‘confidential?’
  • What does love, friendship, hatred, and so on mean? Define these words.
  • Explain your understanding of the term ‘influence peddling.’
  • Describe what it means to feel ‘buoyant.’
  • Define the term ‘culture’ as a concept.
  • What do words like ‘alliteration,’ ‘assonance,’ or ‘onomatopoeia’ mean.
  • Can bananas be classified as fruit?
  • Is the killing of animals humane?
  • Explain what ‘Blairism,’ ‘Thatcherism’ and other terms that relate to political eras mean.
  • Would you associate the term ‘cannibal’ with meat eaters?
  • What does the word ‘phase’ mean in relation to heterogeneous and homogeneous mixes?
  • Does pretending mean the same thing as ‘acting’?
  • Explain what the term ‘undercurrent’ means.
  • The term ‘convergence’ is often described as a phenomenon. Explain your understanding of this term.
  • Would you say graffiti is art?

There are also certain definition topics that can be used in argument essays. For instance, there are some things you might argue could or could not be defined in a particular way. The following is a useful formula to apply when developing an argument for a definition essay:

‘One thing is or is not another thing’ or ‘X is or is not Y.’

When you are explaining or defining a particular term or concept it is important to remember that the explanation you actually give may vary according to the educational level your writing is intended for. If, for instance, you are a student at sixth grade and are asked to define what ‘love’ is, your essay could begin as follows:

‘Love is feeling …’ or just ‘Love is …’

Although explanations like this may be suitable at junior school level, they would be entirely inappropriate at college level. Therefore, it is essential to consider the educational level you are writing for and to ensure your definitions are an appropriate match for that level. If you do not, you could run into trouble.

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