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How to Create a Good Research Essay

Research essay writing usually causes stress and frustration in the hearts of many students. Unfortunately, being in a college or university you cannot avoid this task. If you do not want to know what an academic failure is, feel free to learn more information about research paper writing and face the struggle. We assure you that the algorithm of writing a good research essay is simple, and everybody can succeed.

First and foremost, writing a paper is not the most important part of the paper. Sounds oddly? We assure you that this task requires much more efforts for conducting research and organizing the paper. Start your writing with choosing an effective and advisable topic. There are many research essay topics to choose from, but if the topic is assigned by your professor, be sure to clean your mind of all your personal opinions and ideas. Primarily, you should find much information relative to your topic. Try not to use the outdated sources. The modern technologies allow downloading the most up-to-date books and articles. When conducting the research, try to make some notes of the ideas that sound interesting. While writing your research paper you may use them as the in-text citations. Also, do not forget to write down all the details of the source – it will be helpful in creating a reference list. A careful analysis of information will help you to decide the direction – if your essay will be argumentative or expository in its nature. Still have a question – how to write a research essay? Like any other academic essay, a research essay should start with an introduction followed by the main body and end with a conclusion.

I write essays first because I have a passionate relationship to the subject and second because subject is one that people are not talking about.
– Susan Sontag

The Main Parts of the Paper Should Include:

The introduction. Usually, the introduction briefly explains the topic. It should answer the questions – Why did you pick up this peculiar subject? What will your explore in your research paper? What are the key points of your discussion? To make your introduction interesting, do not hesitate to:

  • Introduce your topic from different angles;
  • Talk about an episode or expert`s work that made you consider this subject;
  • Create a well-directed thesis statement.

The thesis statement. Be sure to make your thesis clear and concise.  It should be put at the end of the introduction and developed logically throughout the whole essay. If your thesis is too long, consider its restatement. Indeed, it should be narrowed to one-two sentences. Also, your thesis can be split into several micro-theses that will divide your paper into the logical paragraphs.

The main body. In the main body, you should present your arguments. Remember that your arguments are the core of your essay, so you should think carefully about them.  Once again, the development of your essay depends on its type – argumentative or expository. Also, the main body includes the historiography. In short, historiography is a brief analysis of all the sources related to your topic. These sources should support your arguments or oppose them. Be sure to provide the arguments to your opponents and you will demonstrate a truly professional approach to academic writing.  Use the in-text citations to solve the contradictory problems. Unlike other writing assignments, the research essay requires discussion of sources. Feel free to analyze all their strengths and weaknesses and discuss why you picked up these peculiar sources. The discussion of sources will help you to take into account the biases and create your own strong arguments.

The conclusion.In a research essay, the conclusion redefines the author`s thesis and summarizes the key ideas. The conclusion is the only appropriate place where you can express your personal opinion about the topic. It is advisable to discuss the significant changes that your topic brings to your discipline. Also, it would be good if you manage to provide the avenues for the future research in your conclusion.

Undoubtedly, all the research essays require much time and effort. Do not put off the writing process until the last day. Most probably, it will lead to academic failure. If you found the above mentioned structure confusing, do not hesitate to create a good research essay outline. It will help you to manage your schedule and economize your effort.

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